orrezio Gustoriano (march 16, 1991), better known by his stage name GUSTORIANO, is a Spanish born rapper and songwriter. He rose to prominence after the release of his album SUCCESSFUL.

Gustoriano studied hotel management and auxiliar de servicio at the University of Barcelona, the city he currently resides in. After the successful release of his album SUCCESSFUL, Gustoriano is set to follow it up with yet another album which he has hinted consists of 11 songs and has two features.

Speaking about the album with VIBESLOADED, Gustoriano stated that his forthcoming album Is all about reality,What’s going on in the World, Barcelona and europe entirely. The album talks about my lifestyle too (spending of cash, gifting cash to the people I care about and paying bills for people I met online that I don’t really know in real life).

All fingers crossed as the world anticipates the release of this album as we all know is going to be a great and busy year for Gustoriano as he keeps on putting in extra shift at work to become one of the most influential artists in Spain and the world at large. Don’t forget to follow Gustoriano on his social media page (instagram @Gustoriano).

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