TikTok viral afrobeats sensation Rudebone brings out the emotional satisfaction that leads to celebrating a job well done on High Speed (Client).

Rudebone is an independent world / afrobeats music artist based in Colchester, United Kingdom. Supported by Help Musicians UK.

Rudebone received massive attention from his biggest song till date titled Bandana.

At the early stages of TikTok Rudebone’s song Bandana went viral, thousand of people globally used the song

Imagine that feeling when you get paid by your client, the feeling of freedom creeps in couple with some money to spend after the work you put in. Therefore you can let loose on a Friday night lol 😝.

When people get paid the weekend usually calls for celebration thats why the repeated hook delivered in pidgin English “Today na Friday day hi, my client e do pay hi, boys de feel irie hi, my Moro no get brakes hi, beep beep commot for road make i no jam you.

Rudebone fuses afrobeats with drill given birth to another sub genre ‘AfroDrill’. The melody is smooth with a catchy hook that will sure stick in a listener’s head.

This release is been supported my Help Musicians UK

. Rudebone was contacted by TikTok and my song was given an official challenge hashtag page #RollYourBandana with has over 27 million views.

Rudebone also appeared in an episode on Judge Rinder a Popular TV program on ITV where he made him sing and talk about my song Bandana, that drove traffic to my the music video on YouTube which now has over 1 million views on YouTube. Going through the comments you will see lots of JUDGE RINDER BROUGHT ME HERE and TIKTOK as well.

Rudebone have received several music awards:

Best Afrobeats act 2015 International Prestige Awards UK, Best Live Act 2017 & Most Popular song RBE AWARDS 2019 and Most Viral Song Award at London Kings Rum Unsigned Hype Awards 2019.

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